Welcome to WINGS!

WINGS is a network in the National Security Sciences Directorate (NSSD), Fusion and Fission Energy and Science Directorate (FFESD), and Isotope Science and Engineering Directorate (ISED) of Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). WINGS provides a welcoming social network, mentoring opportunities and opportunities for professional development. WINGS works with management to promote policies that improve morale, recruitment and retention of all employees at ORNL.

WINGS organizes onsite coffee breaks, offsite social opportunities, and general meetings. Please sign up on the email distribution list and join the WINGS channel on Teams to be kept abreast of WINGS activities and announcements.


Next WINGS Event: Lunch & Learn

Join us on October 20, 12-1 PM, for a Lunch & Learn about Unconscious Bias, held by ORNL’s Eric Benson. More information will be distributed soon.

WINGS book club

WINGS started a book club and we are already busy reading the third book! We are meeting again on Friday, October 8th at 2 PM.

If you are interested in joining, join the WINGS channel on Teams and let Melanie Laverdiere or Katie Salvaggio know about your interest.

Latest publications updates

Resiliency for Professional Women

In our recent Lunch & Learn, we talked about resiliency for professional women: what does resiliency mean, what are the challenges with respect to resiliency that we are facing, and what are the big resiliency skills we can improve. Find here the big 10 skills that you can improve for greater resiliency at work.

Poll result during the Lunch & Learn:

To understand your level of burnout, our instructor Jenni Bates introduced us to the Oldenburg Burnout Inventory. The test was developed as a measure of burnout, containing statements that cover both ends of the exhaustion-vigor and cynicism-dedication continua.

Jenni further introduced us to a study by McKinsey & Company and LeanIn.Org about Women in the Workplace 2020. About this study: Women in the Workplace is the largest comprehensive study of the state of women in corporate America. In 2015, McKinsey & Company and LeanIn.Org launched the study to help companies advance diversity in the workplace. Between 2015 and 2019, close to 600 companies took part in the study, and more than a quarter of a million people were surveyed on their workplace experiences. Now, in 2020, women in corporate America are facing a new challenge: the Covid-19 pandemic. This year’s report focuses on how the pandemic has affected women at work, including the unique impact on women of different races and ethnicities, working mothers, women in senior leadership, and women with disabilities. It also looks at the emotional impact of incidents of racial violence in this country on employees. Finally, it tracks the changes we’ve seen in women’s representation over the past six years and assesses how Covid-19 could disrupt those trends going forward.

WINGS Executive Cabinet of 2021

President - Rose Montgomery
Vice President - Askin Guler Yigitoglu
Treasurer - Lindsey Aloisi
Secretary - Dianne Bull Ezell
Outreach Committee Chair - Ashley Shields
Social Committee Chair - Allison Greaney
Communications Committee Chair - Friederike Bostelmann
Cabinet Members at Large - Arzu Alpan, Melanie Laverdiere, Sandra Davern

Objectives in 2021

Program Objectives

  • Facilitate discussion on ORNL’s policies regarding sick leave and paid family medical leave
  • Facilitate discussion on gender bias and provide support for cultural change
  • Expand outreach programs to include K to 12 and continue to support university women’s groups as requested
  • Provide high quality professional development opportunities
  • Support mentoring initiatives and opportunities

Organizational Objectives

  • Collaborate/coordinate with other ORNL women’s and minority groups and the Diversity Council
  • Increase WINGS membership and participation
  • Expand WINGS informational website and communication through ORNL Today
  • Informal quarterly activity summaries presented at the general meetings and distributed via emails to members
  • Re-evaluate and reformulate the new employee networking activity

Event Calendar 2021

When What Where
Friday, February 26th, 12-1pm Virtual coffee social Microsoft Teams
Tuesday, March 30th, 12-1pm General Meeting Microsoft Teams
Wednesday, April 7th, 12-1 PM Brainstorming for STEM Outreach Microsoft Teams
Thursday, June 24, 12-1pm Lunch & Learn Microsoft Teams
Thursday, July 1, 4:30-6:30pm Offsite Social Orange Hat Brewing Co., Hardin Valley
Thursday, July 15, 10-11am Book Club Discussion Microsoft Teams
Wednesday, July 21, 12-1pm General Meeting Microsoft Teams
Thursday, August 26,11am-12pm Book Club Discussion Microsoft Teams
Thursday, August 12, 11am-12pm Coffee social Main Street, Bldg. 5700
Tuesday, August 17, 5-7pm Joint Happy Hour with WiPHY 35 North food truck park
Friday, October 8, 2-3pm Book Club Discussion Microsoft Teams
Wednesday, October 20th, 12-1pm Lunch & Learn Microsoft Teams